Voyager Controller 2.4.38
 (15 October 2020)

New features

[OSX] Enhanced streaming: Streaming is more reliable now on OSX

Undo for alignment: Undo button for cases if alignment does not go as planned

Images can be added as effects: Now not only videos can be added  as effects but images as well

Tutorial: Tutorial to guide the Voyager connection process

DMX improvements: DMX universe and channel slider fit different resolutions, added PER HALF division, minor UI changes

BLE for connection: Connecting lamps through BLE is more reliable

Lamp adding: Improved select all/deselect all behavior

Color wheel: Improved color selection from the color wheel

Known Issues

[Win] Spout Video input: Spout Streaming on Windows sometimes renders the app (not responding).

[OSX] Output stalling: Sometimes if the app is not visible, the stream to lamps gets choppy.