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1 x 4ft Voyager systems, 1 x 2ft Voyager System, 2 x AC/DC converter, 2 x Power cable C13, 1 x 2 ft Diffuser tubes, 1 x 4 ft Diffuser tubes, 2 x Voyager mount, 2 x MicroPod

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Are you up for a mingle? Or staying for a faithful couple? Light deals for any preference. We promise not to judge ;)
Your chosen soulmates: couple set!

The Voyager Smartlight is a revolutionary tool that puts professional-grade lighting solutions in your hands – regardless of your experience or budget. It is an advanced remote-controllable lighting fixture with a simple interface. Voyager comes with a built-in battery and is controllable via any smart device. It can be used in the big movie industry as well as by anyone, whose goal is to shoot better videos or photos.

Today, it makes more sense to invest in a lighting setup than in a camera. With lighting, you can make more difference than with a better camera. For a content creator, the story is the most important thing. With a simple lighting setup by Digital Sputnik, you can make a Hollywood film alone, without a crew. Our tools help you to amaze the world with your unique story. Light up your videos with Voyager!

  • compact and portable

  • many advanced features (endless possibilities of lighting setups, submersible

  • easy to use (battery-operated, wireless control, library of built-in effects, no programming and video editing skills needed)

  • affordable price, no additional costs for third party hardware and software needed


Super durable against any weather and shooting conditions. Snow or desert - we are here with you! These lights even know how to swim: submersible up to 10m (33ft) for magical underwater shots.


 Super durable against any weather and shooting conditions. Snow or desert - we are here with you! These lights even know how to swim:  submersible up to 10m (33ft) for magical underwater shots.


The built-in battery will keep the lights on for up to 7h, once depleted can be charged in 90 minutes


Visually map any video to lights. It's really simple!

Voyager controller app

The light and app, that's all you need to quickly and effortlessly set up the most complicated lighting scenarios (1 controller, over 100 lamps, over 4K individually controllable pixels). 

You don't need to be a programmer to visually map any video to lights. Simple as that!  

iOS Android Windows OSX

Technical details

LEDs 42xRGBW (full gamut control)
 610x62x50mm (24"x 2.5"x 2")
Resolution 42 pixels
Weight 1.1kg (2.43lbs)
Battery 45Wh
Power draw 20W

Power input 19VDC / 4.7A / 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Wired 2Mbit half-duplex
 2.4 & 5.6 GhZ WiFi / BLE
Submersible 33ft/10m