DS Light Module Cable 0,75m

Shortest light module cable. Usually used with the DS1 system.

135.00 More

DS Light Module Cable 10m

10m DS cable connecting light module to PSU.

240.00 More

DS Light Module Cable 20m

20m DS cable for connecting light modules to PSU.

335.00 More

DS Light Module Cable 5m

5m DS cable connecting light module to PSU.

180.00 More

DS Light Module RGBW

Basic block of DS systems. 100W fully dimmable RGBW light source.

1,000.00 More

DS Modular Yoke

Yoke accessory for mounting multiple modules up to 3×3.

950.00 More

DS Modular Yoke Diffuser System

Set of all sizes of diffuser plates for any configuration possible on the DS Modular Yoke.

DS Tripod Mount

Two way tiltable tripod mount for DS products.

150.00 More

DS USB update cable

Cable for connecting Power Supply to computer when updating DS equipment.

DS Wireless Handle (Art-Net)

Communication module that creates WiFi network for control through DS application, ArtNet software and other compatible light control applications.

510.00 More

DS1 AC/DC Converter

160W Power adapter for the DS1 system.

105.00 More

DS1 Basic System EU

Battery operable 100W fixture with built-in Art-Net and DMX/RDM controllers.

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