Clip Bag

Clip bag containing 18 clips.

25.00 More

Diffuser Box Corner Profile

Diffuser box element for making custom sized diffuser boxes.

4.00 More

Diffuser Box Side

Side wall for DS diffuser box. To be used in various configurations for single or multiple-module fixtures.

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DMX Cable 5pin XLR 0,6m/2ft

Short DMX patch cable 5pin XRL 0,6m/2ft.

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DMX to RDM Upgrade Kit

DYI kit to upgrade your handle from previous version DMX to DMX/RDM.

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DoP DS3 Snapbag System

Softbox for DS3 Systems by DoP Choice.

400.00 More

DoP DS6 Snapbag System

Custom softbox for DS6 frame.

560.00 More

DoP Rabbit Ears Rectangular

DoP Choice accessory  for quick and practical installation of various softboxes.
Compatible with a variety of LED fixtures from Arri, BBS, Cineo, KinoFlo and others.

DS Art-Net Handle

WiFi interface for Art-Net protocol on DS3 and DS6 systems.

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DMX/RDM remote interface for DS3 and DS6 systems.

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DS Eccentric Lock

Locking element that connects modules together. It is also the same lock for connecting tripod mount to light modules.

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DS Fan

Replacement fan if your old DS light module fan dies.

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