DS3 Beam System EU

32,500.00 PLUS TAX

The DS3 Beam is like bringing your six older brothers to a bar brawl. Having a whole family of modular LED lighting systems is an asset for any production. With this simple accessory, you can connect six DS3 systems into one single 1.8KW fixture. If a single Beam is not enough, you can bring in the cousins: Mount the beams side-by-side on the trussing to make installations of dozens of KWs.


    DS Light Module RGBW

    Basic block of DS systems. 100W fully dimmable RGBW light source.

    1,000.00 More

    DS3 PSU

    450W AC powered power supply and dimmer for 3 DS light modules.

    2,300.00 More

    DS Light Module Cable 0,75m

    Shortest light module cable. Usually used with the DS1 system.

    135.00 More

    DS3 Beam Power Cable

    One cable to power all fixtures on the entire DS Beam.

    250.00 More

    DMX Cable 5pin XLR 0,6m/2ft

    Short DMX patch cable 5pin XRL 0,6m/2ft.

    50.00 More

    DS3 Beam

    Beam accessory for mounting 6 DS3 PSUs and 18 DS Light modules.

    2,000.00 More

    DS3 Beam Case

    Transport case for the DS Beam set.

    1,600.00 More
> White balance from 1,500K to 10,000K with full Hue and Saturation color control
> Fits into trussing rig
> DMX/RDM control builtin
> 0-100% 16bit flicker free dimming
> Includes flightcase
> 36 Months Worldwide warranty
Module type:RGBW led
Beam angle:20 degrees
Maximum power draw per led module:140 watts
Maximum power draw per DS Beam:2.5kW per DS Beam
Dimension of DS Beam1560 x 380 x 280mm (approx 61" x 15" x 11") 53kg / 116lbs
Input power:90-260 VAC (Worldwide)
Maximum LED modules per DS Beam18
Maximum power draw per PSU:420 watts
Ambient temperature range:0ºF ~ 115ºF/-20ºC ~ 45ºC
Dimensions of the flightcase (shipping):1750 x 440 x 360mm (approx 69" x 17" x 14") 78kg / 172lbs


The entire system is built to last. Unfortunately, the technology does not stay in place over the years, devaluing your investment. We have designed the whole line DS products to maintain their value by applying gradual software and hardware upgrades. Most hardware upgrades are available as kits.

Modular Design

Modularity is our core philosophy. We like to think about light modules as if they were LEGO bricks. A relatively small number of them will give you the versatility that never existed before. The possibility of connecting light modules to build any desired shape of light is game-changing.
All the DS line products use the same interchangeable Light Module as the core of the system.  You can pick between a variety of accessories to shape the lighting fixture.

Color Science

With the same technology as post-production monitors, each Light module has been factory calibrated with a profile saved into every module. Constant color coordinates are kept through the dimming range using high precision multi-dimensional LUTs.
All channels are 16bit flicker free current controlled with proprietary four-channel HSL controls allow dimming the light with the exact mixture of white balance and tint.

Free Software

The cornerstone of DS products is the way in which we control these lights: you can navigate all of your lights and their parameters from a phone app. The control app is simple and intuitive as using a box of crayons.
Lightgrading is a concept where Cinematographer grades the light to achieve the look he wants instead of grading the image in post-production. This unique approach allows the Cinematographer and Director to focus on creating instead of infrastructure management.

Hybrid Thermal Design

The system is using passive and active cooling for maximum efficiency. We keep the modules in constant temperature to minimize the fluctuations of output and color. It is possible to remotely control the fan speed over the DMX/RDM or ArtNet.

Super Luminous

The system provides the highest quality RGB mixing, on par with professional colorist tools. The DS tools are the only RGB LED solution able to challenge the output of widely used HMI technology.


DS ArtNet Controller for iOS


DMX quickstart