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DS Wireless Handle (Art-Net)

Communication module that creates WiFi network for control through DS application, ArtNet software and other compatible light control applications.

DS1 AC/DC Converter

160W Power adapter for the DS1 system.

DS1 Cardboard Box

Cardboard box for DS1.


The brains of the DS1 system. A power supply with built-in controller and Wi-Fi and RDM capabilities. Powered by battery or external power.

DS1 XLR Y-Cable

DS1 passthrough cable for DMX signal.

DS3 Beam

Beam accessory for mounting 6 DS3 PSUs and 18 DS Light modules.

DS3 Beam Accessory

Beam frame for mounting 6 x DS3 Systems for a total of 18 DS Light Modules.

DS3 Beam Case

Transport case for the DS Beam set.

DS3 Beam Power Cable

One cable to power all fixtures on the entire DS Beam.

DS3 DoP Snapgrid

Grid for custom DoP Choice softbox for DS3. The grid avoids light spillage and allows you to control your beam for better separation.

DS3 LED Cardboard Box

Cardboard box for DS3 set.


450W AC powered power supply and dimmer for 3 DS light modules.