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#5 Hex Key

Key to replace the handle or stack the PSUs.

AC Cable IECLock 2m EU

Lockable power cable.

DoP DS6 Snapbag System

Custom softbox for DS6 frame.


DMX/RDM remote interface for DS3 and DS6 systems.

DS Light Module RGBW

Basic block of DS systems. 100W fully dimmable RGBW light source.

DS Wireless Handle (Art-Net)

Communication module that creates WiFi network for control through DS application, ArtNet software and other compatible light control applications.

DS6 Diffuser Lens 34/76

Two sided holographic lens to control beam spread. Covers 3 lamps in the DS6 frame.

DS6 DoP Snapgrid

Grid for custom DoP Choice softbox for DS6 frames. The grid helps you direct a tighter beam, avoiding spillage and allowing for better separation.

DS6 Frame

DS6 Frame with dimmers and cabling built-in. Light modules not included.

DS6 Frame Flight Case

Tough transport case for your DS6 System.


900W Power supply unit for the DS6 Frame.