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Odoo • Image and Text

Tim banks September 

A short interview with Tim: 

What's the story behind this music video shoot?    
The story of the shoot was presented by the artist(Skytye) and was further developed by the Director(Ricky Morgan). It’s pretty direct with the lyrics of the song. He is wanting to stay in for the night and his girl is getting ready to go out and party. So we came up with a few scenarios of her getting ready while he’s kind of bugging her to stay in. Then we juxtaposed the real version of what was happening with his “imagination” of her. So for the imagination scenes, we went real colorful and stylized with kinetic energy in the lighting. 

The set-up   
For the silhouette shot, it was simply a corner of the house we were shooting in and I placed a 4-foot voyager vertical on either side of the frame to wash the background. Ricky wanted there to be some slight movement in the lighting so we had them trace in opposite directions in the background. It was usually a quick shot in the edit and wasn’t super noticeable, but it gave a little bit of extra life to the frame. We then had full-color control and could match it to everything else we did. For the shot with the curtain in the background, I had 2, 4-foot voyagers, on the back of the curtain outside and had him keyed on the inside with some smaller 2 footers that traced from side to side and brought him in and out of the silhouette. 

Why Voyagers? 
The voyagers were an obvious choice for me because not only are they battery-powered, which made them easy for me to grab and use wherever without having to run power, but they are all remote controllable. These are things that were super important working on such a small set where I was having to wear multiple hats. The other aspect that really made them useful was that I could do pretty complex and customized lighting effects directly within the app. I don’t have to worry about DMX or any additional hardware - Just my iPad and the lights. 

Who inspires you? 
I really love the work of Natasha Braier and really resonate with the way she uses lighting and tone. “Neon Demon” was beautiful and then the way she shot “Honey Boy” is such a loose style while still making it feel intentional was really inspiring for me. Another cinematographer I really admire is James Whitaker. I became aware of his work watching the show “Patriot” on Amazon prime, and I think it’s one of the most beautifully shot TV shows I can think of. I feel like I mentally reference that show constantly. Also, David Mullen is super inspiring and I love how he so openly shares his process and works with others. I feel lucky to be able to have access to such amazing artists and technicians thanks to social media and the internet. 

Link to the full music video: click here

Odoo • Image and Text

Mark Edelmann August