You can easily start off with just one Voyager Smartligh and take it from there.

It can last 2h on max white output. In other settings, it can hold up to 7 hours. It can be actively used while charging.

Yes, you can and it is awesome! Submersible up to 33ft / 10m. You don't need to have any additional safety requirements. 

Your Voyager might be on the "shelf mode", so you need to connect it to the power adapter before you try turning it on. Or it can be out of battery

It’s a default password “dsputnik” 

The Voyagers can be controlled using Art-Net or sACN wireless DMX protocols. For this both Voyager and the controller outputting wireless DMX packets have to be in the same network and Voyager has to be set up correctly from the Voyager Controller App to listen DMX input.

We have tested that a single controller can run over 100 lamps - prove us wrong!

Included: Best light in the world / 1x Voyager system, 1x AC/DC converter, 1x Power cable C13, 1x Diffuser tube, 1x Voyager mount, 1x Quick-start guide

The LPC of the Voyager is still responsive even after power down. This for example lets the user to check the battery level and stores other key features. Although the power draw is very small it still drains the battery over a long period of time.

To avoid this the Voyager has implemented a feature called "shelf mode". If planning to store a Voyager for a longer period of time we recommend to use this feature. 

To avoid battery draining while not active, the Voyager has implemented a feature called "shelf mode". If planning to store a Voyager for a longer period of time we recommend to use this feature. For this press the Power button and the Program button simultaneously for ten seconds. The Voyager will then enter "Shelf Mode". When in "Shelf Mode" all Voyager features are shut off and the battery will not deplete over a long period of time. To "awoke" the Voyager from the "Shelf Mode" you have to connect a charger to a Voyager and then power it up as usual using the power button.

The updates are made after each new improvement. We are trying our best to give you the top user experience! 

How fast does the Voyager charge?

Voyager Smartlight can be fully charged in 90 minutes. You can also use it while it is still charging.  

The first LED indicates the units Pow

Green: Voyager is ON and fully booted
Blue: Voyager is booting (takes about 40 seconds)
Red: Voyager has been switched off.
Yellow: Voyager is charging/StandBy   

The third LED indicates the units WIFI mode:
Yellow: Master/Access Point (default mode). Unit is creating its own WiFi network, and can be connected to a remote device.
Blue: Router. The SSID (Network name) has been given an _M at the end (i.e. DS0262XXXXXXXX_M). Other Voyager fixtures set to Client will connect automatically to this fixture.
Green: Unit is a Client and is connected to a network.
Red: Unit is a client and cannot automatically find a network to connect to or has connection problems.   

“DS MODE” is a condensed version of DMX only to be used with the Digital Sputnik DS DMX Control app for iOS.  This mode, when ON, will change the DMX ADDR page to “DS ADDR”. DS MODE will lock down the UNIVERSE NET SUBNET to all 0,
DMX MODE to DS16, and will condense the DMX channels to a single digit.  
Instead of having 512 addresses, DS MODE will allow 0-50 addresses and do not need to be spaced out according to the DMX profiles channel occupancy. 

Yes. No matter what DS system is in use, every DS light head can always be individually controlled. For example, when addressing a DS6 frame, each DS Light head module will be able to be addressed individually for a total of 6 individually fixtures to control. Please make sure all DS Light Head serials show up on the DMX ADDRESS page on the PSU. From there you can address them individually by quickly assigning the first DS Light head with a starting address first, then press the OK middle button on the control pad to access easy addressing functions. Highlight INC (for incremental) and press the OK button to have all DS light heads below it to be addressed automatically with the next available address, how many Channels will depend on the DMX profile you are using. 

DS DMX Software is free on the Apple App Store. This can be used with DS1 or with DS3 and DS6 systems with a complimentary wireless Art-Net DMX handle. Please note, if you have a DS3 or a DS6 system with a wired DMX handle only you need a third party EtherNet-DMX node to send Art-Net packets by wire.  

DS1 Basic System Size: 15 ½ x 10 ½ x 6 inches - 39.37 x 26.67 cm Weight: 9 lbs - 4.08kg
DS3 Advanced System Size: 23 ½ x 20 x 14 inches - 59.69 x 50.8 x 35.56 c  Weight: 50 lbs / 23 kg
DS6 Frame System Size: 43 ½ x 23 ½ x 10 inches  110.5 x 59.7 x 25.4 cm Weight: 99 lbs /50kg

Of course, write to us and we will schedule it! Lets discuss over a glass of wine :)

The eccentric lock should be tightened enough to where the 2 parts can no longer wobble or twist from one another when locked down. The EC Lock should not be too tight where you are struggling to lock the latch down or too loose where it took no effort to lock and the 2 pieces are able to move

Yes, you can - simply write us a message and we will make it happen!