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The idea to change the art and science of lighting all began in the Chauvet Cave.  When brothers Kaur and Kaspar Kallas developed a lightweight 3D Rig, it was sought out by The Cave of Forgotten Dreams director  Werner Herzog.  
Having a post-production background in coloring and editing, the brothers saw how light plays a much bigger role in principle photography and post-production. 


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story cinematographer Greig Fraser used thousands of Digital Sputnik lights to bring the concept of light grading to the world. This directed the industry to the path where light control is the key and practicality with lighting is superior to its digital counterpart. This achievement paved the way for Digital Sputnik to be the go-to lighting for AAA titles such as Independence Day Resurgence, Pacific Rim 2, Ghost in the Shell, Glass, The Mandalorian, Dune, Batman, Lion, and many others. Through success and achievement comes inspiration. Gathering ideas from movies we have been a part of and feedback from our community helped to develop the Voyager Smartlights.

Odoo • Text and Image 


Not only did it help to develop the Voyagers, but it also helped to develop our team of passionate go-getter s.

Today, we stand proud with a small, but dedicated team and are inspired daily to bring to you a piece of us. With our dedication and will-power, the lighting systems get better every day. We offer world-class lighting equipment for you to indulge in and create magic with -  we couldn't be more proud!