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    Put your creativity to test - these versatile lights will serve your every amazing idea! Create an environment with effortless video mapping - no programming necessary.
    The Voyager is an advanced remote-controllable lighting fixture with a simple interface. It comes with a built-in battery, WiFi, Bluetooth and is controllable via any smart device.

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    DS1/DS1 DUAL/DS3/DS6

    DS1 Combines an extremely bright and colorful light source, battery operation, and remote controller built into a single product. All you need to add is a phone or a computer as an interface. No extra software licenses and no more hardware needed.
    We like to think about light modules as if they were LEGO bricks. The possibility of connecting light modules to build any desired shape of light is game-changing. DS1 is the basic building block for all the possible cinema lights by Digital Sputnik. 

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    Odoo • Image and Text

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    Don't take our word for it, take theirs!
    Acclaimed filmmakers talk about their experience, setups & why they choose DS lights.

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    VOYAGER APP 2.5.

    Check the video to see the updates implemented in the new 2.5. release

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    Try out our new preset effects in the DS Voyager App.
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