How to set up the Voyager Smartlights?
Change The Light
Get started with our voyager Smartlights. Learn how to set up lights and gain basic video mapping skills. 

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Setting up
Video mapping

Video transcription: 

Hold the Power button for 2 seconds to turn on.
The first status LED is blue when the Voyager boots.
The first status LED turns green when ready.
Press and hold the side button to cycle modes.
Blue for Router, green for Client and amber for AP.
One Voyager can be a Router for up to 9 clients.
Use a dedicated router for better range and more clients.
Connect to the VoyagerSerial_M SSID.
The default password is "dsputnik".
Launch the DS Voyager Controller App.
Add lamps- Add all lamps in the network.
Grab the bottom handle to rotate.
Use the eye icon to ID lights.
Use the middle handle to move into the right position.
This can take a while..
Select by dragging, distribute horizontally, align vertically.
SET FX - h_chaser to check the alignment.
Use FX settings to change the FX properties.
Use the color wheel to adjust white balance and hues.
Grab the side handle to adjust rotation and scaling.
Welcome to wireless video mapping!
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