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Introducing the APOLLO 1

A lighting tool for content creators. 
Achieve the aesthetic at the level of Hollywood.


We wanted to create a powerful Smartlight that would change the way creators light their sets.. Forever! Then came the Apollo 1 - Bright & Punchy, super lightweight, fully app controllable light fixture. Apollo 1 will cut your setup time in half, as well as the size & weight of your gear. Take the Apollo 1, V-mount battery and go to any remote location without any cables!


We had some changes over time to make it the best looking light you have ever seen, still keeping the functionality and lightweight that we strive for.  How to create a button that works with gloves, v- mount that keeps the light stable on a stand, perfect lensing and even easier modularity than DS1, Apollo 1 ancient relative?  We can tell you it takes a few tries and some light magic.


After all the design changes, ideas and preparation, it was time to create Apollo 1. It was an exciting time in our office because everyone just wanted to see how it looks; it has been a long journey since the idea was created.  We all put some heart & soul in it and the light was made - the first prototype of Apollo 1!



Apollo 1 is inspired by and built based on the feedback from the top Hollywood Cinematographers. Some of the most iconic movies of the last decade were lit by our lighting products. Our lights have lit more than 100 blockbusters! All the best qualities were saved and improved, bad forgotten and changed to give You the light that just makes sense.  It doesn't matter if you are a one-person superteam or gigantic Hollywood production, Apollo 1 is versatile and can be used in different productions- film, music video productions, photography, lighting up events or your birthday party.


Here is the first time Apollo 1 was tested on a set- we went to Berlin and gave it to Greig Frasers hands! We were excited to see it being used in a set, nervous because that was our first prototype, but overall very psyched to have an opportunity to bring the light to Greig. Who else could be better at testing it and giving us feedback than one of the top cinematographers in the world?




Digital Sputnik uses a novel approach in creating white light by mixing together RGBW at high output. This approach creates a saturated white light which makes for great skin tones and vibrant crisp images with high color contrast. Our solution gives digital cameras more chromatic information - producing images with superior color depth and higher saturation when compared to traditional high CRI white LEDs.


Whether it's a few-second clip on your Instagram feed or a full-length video on your website, videos are a great way to convey your message. Due to high demand, a growing number of photographers are now offering videos to their clients. Whenever you want to match images and video, you should use a continuous light source instead of a flash. Prepare your lights, guide the model behind your camera, and adjust the lighting with your smartphone while you shoot. You'll find it's just as easy as it sounds! The creation of a full campaign that offers both videos and photos to your clients has never been easier.


A user can easily modify all the settings in the lights at the level of pixel-control, including: on/off, intensity, temperature, hue and saturation - simultaneously or separately. The new app lets you control the entire range of DS lights with one click. The special effect gallery offers creative lighting options like thunderstorm lightning, water, fire and many more. App control is extremely useful when You are a one man band and there is just no way to control the set physically. This approach saves a lot of time and energy, not to mention lets you focus on the main thing- the art you are making!

Able to output an equivalent to that of a 100W HMI or a 500W Tungsten fixture: 32000 LUX / 2973 fc at 3' / 1m  

RGBW  LED module that provides color temperature adjustment from
1500 - 10,000 K as well as full color control, including primary color rendering.  


Create an environment with effortless media mapping- no programming necessary!

All units come with a V-mount, it is possible to change it to AB gold mount.  Power draw: 100W. 

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