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    Voyager smartlights

    Put your creativity to test

    digital sputnik 1
    Light up even the darkest set corners

    digital sputnik 3

    Power & efficency for the most demanding sets

    Odoo • Image and Text

    new effect preset

    Light and easy TV scene setup-  3 voyagers is all you need.
    Grab your voyagers and try it out!

    P.S. More are coming :)

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    Watch Santa's vlogs to take a sneak peak in the life of DS. SPOILER ALERT- you might smile a lot :) 


    new tutorials

    New tutorial for DS users. Learn how to connect your DS1 to our DS DMX app!

    Odoo • Image and Text

    see voyagers in action

    Read our interviews with acclaimed filmmakers and discover how to light up your sets like a pro 

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    Voyager is a revolutionary tool that puts professional-grade lighting solutions in your hands - regardless of experience or budget.

    The Voyager is an advanced remote-controllable lighting fixture with a simple interface. It comes with a built-in battery, WiFi, Bluetooth and is controllable via any smart device.

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    DS1 Combines an extremely bright and colorful light source, battery operation, and remote controller built into a single product. All you need to add is a phone or a computer as an interface. No extra software licenses and no more hardware needed.


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