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Euphoria Scene Lit With Apollo 1
Create a beautiful shot from Euphoria

There are some really beautiful Euphoria scenes and light plays a big part in most of them.
We created one ourselves and the best part is that now You can create it too!
This is the scene we chose.

The shot has lighting effects that are mapped for each light separately and have to be timed to work simultaneously. It took some planning, but we cracked it!

For those who have not seen the series:   

Euphoria is TV series launched in 2019. 
Synopsis: A group of high school students struggle with drugs, love, social media and money as they come of age while trying to establish their identity.

For small recap here is a trailer:



The scenes is pretty dark. Visually and psychologically. Rue battles the use of drugs and fails, so she is in a state of ecstasy.
We did not want to re - create the scene, we wanted to give another spin to the story.
Our Rue is not high, she is ready. She knows something is going to happen, so she just uses her last "calm before the storm" moment,  breathes in the life that will never be the same again. and suddenly, the police comes and she knows. It ends now.



We needed to have 6 effects for 8 different lights at the same time, that is why I used split screen.

To create the effect, open any editing software. Time the effects from the original footage; when to dim up or down, when to change the effects with keyframes. The main thing in this video is the timing and change of opacity of the light, not the opacity relative to the lights, as you can adjust it for each light separately. 

Lights used to create the lighting effects:
1x Apollo as key light

1x Apollo as background
2x Apollo as fill lights
3x  4ft Voyagers as window and police effect
1x 2ft Voyager for police effect

Big part of this is testing - check what works and what doesn't and adjust. We added extra branch movement to our key light and backlight to give a more immersive experience.
Each light has its own sequence in one video! cool, right?



To learn how to use DMX controls and madmapper, watch this video. 
We show how to assign channels to each light: Create a fixture, give it the right channel and fixture type. Apollo 1 channels are 1, 11, 21, 31, 41 and the fixture type- pixel is 1 x 1, pixel size is 4 - R,G, B and a slider;
How to add them to madmapper - create fixture and choose the right settings;
How to add an effect;
How to visually map the lights in the video. 




4x Apollo 1 VP
2x  4ft Voyager smartlight
1x  2ft Voyager Smartlight
Softbox 4ft / 120cm
Softbox construction can be substituted to another softbox


RED Gemini 
lense 50 mm
filter ND 1.2
Dolly - 2 skateboards

ISO 3200
FPS   100fps - T2





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