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Apollo BETA Software
Unified app for all DS lights

We are so excited to announce the Apollo 
BETA software!
With this software we have really focused on ease of use, making the workflow simple and efficient. That means, faster setup and easier adjustments. The new app lets you control the entire range of DS lights with one click.

New features include: 
1) Relative dimming in the controller

2) Possibility to give custom python commands; 
3) All lights are visible on the color wheel, so the selection is faster & easier;
4) Naming convention- you can name the lights yourself;
5) Change the wifi modes in the app.


Now all the lights are visible on the color wheel, so you can select them while not leaving the ITSH wheel. You can also name the lights yourself, making it even easier to select and group them. Next to the lights there are bars showing the lights intensity, letting you know without effort how bright the light actually is. 


You can now have relative adjustments to the ITSH parameters. When lights have been set to your needs but small tweaks are needed, you can adjust it while still keeping the same ratio. 



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Greig Fraser on set with APOLLO 1
Our journey of bringing the prototype to Greig Fraser in Germany.