DS LED System Creates a New Paradigm in Lighting for Film and Television

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DS LED System Assembly Tutorial

Why DS LED System?

Modular Design for Unrivaled Flexibility in Lighting

DS LED System is based on a modular design making it a perfect fixture for small documentary projects, but it is also an ideal choice for large feature films or TV studios. Modularity creates flexibility allowing you to use the same modules to configure very small fixtures or very large high output fixtures while using the same components. This means that there is no more need to buy different types of fixture, but they can be configured out of the same building blocks as needed.

100% Flicker Free Technology with High Precision Color Control

Using analogue current control in conjunction with high resolution multi-dimensional LUTs (Look Up Tables), makes our lights flicker free at any frame-rate while at the same time keeping the color temperature constant throughout the whole dimming range.

Total Control

DS LED system can be controlled locally for quick and direct adjustments. Over DMX or Wireless DMX using a communication module for precise and sophisticated setups for studio environments using dedicated lighting controllers. Fastest way to control DS LED System wirelessly is using an iPad running our iOS controller application.

3 Year Warranty and Upgradeability

We stand behind our or product and we have built the fixture to last as long as the LEDs, that is why everything is made out of milled aluminum making our fixture one of the longest lasting fixtures in the industry with estimated lifetime of over 10 years. In addition to industry leading warranty we will also give you an upgrade path giving you an option to upgrade the LED board inside the fixture when newer and more efficient LEDs are coming out.

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Join us in this journey and we will bring together a new paradigm into the Lighting industry.

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